IT ServicesWe offer IT services to meet the needs of most small to mid sized organizations. We do not believe in “one size fits all”, and prefer to learn about your organization, its goals, and IT needs before making recommendations. We have found that the type of services our clients need often depends upon their overall size and the complexity of their IT infrastructure.

For smaller firms (usually less than 50 employees) with no full-time in house IT staff, or firms with an IT staff of just 1-2 persons, we find that our Managed Service packages are the most cost effective way to support you. With our Managed Service packages, we use the latest technology tools to deliver 24x7x365 care, monitoring, and maintenance for your organization’s computers and IT assets. Click here for more information regarding our Managed Service packages.

For any sized organization needing quick fixes or to assist overwhelmed IT staff, we provide on-demand services with no contracts.

For larger organizations or more specialized needs, we offer Project based IT services (for example, server deployment, desktop virtualization, or migrating from one software version to another). We also offer staffing of temporary, contract, and permanent hires for mid to large sized firms with undetermined or long term needs.

Call us today to discuss any of your IT service needs, and we will gladly help you.