IT Infrastructure

With IT infrastructure, we get beyond just your servers, storage, and networking.  We get to the physical backbone:  Power, cooling, cabling – these IT infrastructure needs are important for every size business. Whether you are a small office with just a few personal computers, or a large business with a data center, we can help you get the right infrastructure for your computer and IT needs.

We offer expert consulting and competitive pricing on servers, storage, networking.  We also provide expert guidance and competitive pricing on rack, power, cabling, and cooling infrastructure. For server closets up to small data centers, we can help you get the right infrastructure to maximize and protect your IT investments, save you money, and lower your operating costs.

Many organizations place their expensive servers and storage at risk by not adequately managing their backup power needs.  We can help you by correctly sizing your backup power needs to the run-time availability that your organization requires.  We can help you to manage, control, and monitor your IT power and environmental tools.

Call us today regarding your organization’s IT infrastructure – whether you need a single desktop UPS or redundant power for an entire data center, we can help you.

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