Now: Reliable WAN over Inexpensive Circuits

Finally! You can use MPLS, VoiP, QOS and connect remote and branch offices together with inexpensive bandwidth circuits! You can use coax cable, 4G, and other inexpensive circuits to achieve the same results that used to require expensive broadband connections at every location. Also, you can FINALLY get real usage from your secondary circuits that in many cases are just idle.

With the new SD-WAN technologies available, there are many bold claims by providers. Well, I’m telling you that some of these claims are true and not just marketing hype. You can achieve true active-active High Availability over inexpensive circuits with new SD-WAN solutions.

I’ve looked at several different SD-WAN solutions, including software, firewalls, network appliances, carrier services, and virtual appliances. The solution that I feel excited about is the SD-WAN solution from TPX Communications, which utilizes both their proprietary carrier services, and the Velocloud Hybrid WAN appliance on site. This is a powerful combination of an appliance, software, and carrier network services that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

This solution enables you to shape your bandwidth beyond mere QOS – it gives you application level control over your network traffic that utilizes the best available routes over each of your available circuits. You can also analyze your network bandwidth usage in real time to address usage spikes or security threats.

There is a great deal of power and efficiency in this solution, and what is exciting are the options that this gives small and mid sized organizations that were previously beyond their reach.

Please contact me today for a no-obligation demonstration and for more information about how this technology can easily and affordably help connect your sites all together.

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Reliable IT Systems Company

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